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10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage

Well first time you have got sex with somebody is often a clumsy and a nerve-racking affair. You’re unaware of what you’re doing however still attempting in touch yourself to somebody, and undeniably, there’s plenty of pressure. Constant applies to celebrities too. Even they’re humans. Whether or not early or late, celebrity losing their virginity are some things that’s most talked and publicized regarding. Perhaps, as a result of are stars’ and folks are curious in knowing their personal lives or the media needs an honest cowl story. No matter it’s, stars losing their V-cards aren’t any huge deal, however there are some, who appalled the planet for his or her virginity beliefs and views. You’ll say they were late, however really, they waited for the proper time and person.

Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin

1. Jessica Simpson


Lost virginity at the Age: 22

Jessica may be a far-famed histrionic, reality show star, and a singer. However, she is a lot of outstanding for the TV show – Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. Twenty-two isn’t too late to lose virginity however what remains necessary is her values on sex. Her virginity was once the foremost talked topics. With a promise ring on, she remained virgin till she married Nick Lachey. However, in 2006, they got unmarried.

2. Tina Fey

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage2

Lost virginity at the Age: 24

Tiny ne’er wished to administer her virginity similar to that; she same, “I couldn’t provide it away,” that’s simply sensible, Christian values, or, being homely.” Tina won’t seem non secular, or she might not be fanatic regarding it. However, there’s actually plenty of spiritualism within her and permanently reasons. She stayed virgin till she was married to Jeff capital of Virginia. She sets an example of however married life ought to be. With 2 stunning daughters and fifteen years of wedding, virtually their relationship remains robust.

3. Enrique singer

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage3

Lost virginity at the Age: 25

There are innumerable of lovely virgin girls, whom men need to be their firsts. Well, this doesn’t apply solely to women. There was once a time once many ladies desired to deflower the engaging sensation – Enrique singer. A well-admired actor and singer, Enrique started his career within the 90s and by 2000, he was a world hero. Enrique same that a lot of his childhood buddies lost their virginity to prostitutes; but, he didn’t wish to administer away his heart similar to that. He waited for the proper lady. He got married to Anna Kournikova (a court game player).

4. Leelee Sobieski

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage4

Lost virginity at the Age: 26

Leelee Sobieski is a histrion. She saved her expected value till she met and married her good man. Leelee has been open regarding her views on sex. She believed in losing her virginity solely once wedding, that before long happened once she tied the knot with Adam Kimmel (fashion designer). At 26, the histrion tied the knot and at 30, she was bearing her second baby. She needs the society to understand that it isn’t for non-secular beliefs except for the very fact that, “virginity may be a precious present” to administer a person.

5. Carrie underwood

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage5

Lost virginity at the Age: 27

The winner of yank Idol 2007, Carrie underbrush explicit in her interviews that she believed in remaining virgin till her wedding. Happily, within the year 2010, she tied the knot with mike Fisher (hockey player) and was pleased with having the ability to defy those temptations.

6. Adriana Lima

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage6

Lost virginity at the Age: 27

Adriana isn’t solely stunning however additionally one in every of the best paid supermodels. Forbes hierarchic her because the second highest earning model ($8 million) in 2014. She has been on the quilt footage of the many huge brands like Elle, Esquire, and GQ. Being in associate trade, wherever losing virginity is common, Adriana believed in sex-after-marriage. In 2009, Lima married Marko Jaric (NBA player) and had 2 stunning youngsters. However, the link didn’t keep long and in 2014, they got unmarried.

7. Meagan sensible

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage7

Lost virginity at the Age: 31

Meagan sensible used her v-card to line an example for young women. Although this histrion admits however troublesome it had been up to now somebody whereas being pure, she, as luck would have it, found the proper man who waited till she was volitionally prepared. Throughout an interview, Meagan claimed that she is writing a book named “The Wait” along with her partner DeVon Franklin. The book focuses on the pleasure of anticipating the proper partner and things that aided them to resist temptations.

8. Lisa Kudrow

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage8

Lost virginity at the Age: 32

Lisa is standard for her character as Phoebe from the popular program TV series Friends. She had a flourishing career, depiction completely different roles in movies like Wonderland, Easy A, and Romy & Michelle’s high school Reunion. She is fashionable, gorgeous, and proficient, which could create folks suppose she would are with several men from the trade. But, under no circumstances. Lisa remained a virgin till she was married to Michael Stern (a French businessman). She was saving herself for the proper man.

9. Lolo Jones

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage9

Virginity: Still Virgin

Lolo is one in every of the foremost favorite athletes with wonderful records and after all, a good fan base. She is one in every of those rare Olympians, who participate each in winter and in summer Olympiad. Loloish may be an us athlete and even an associate of the bobsled team. She is in her 30s and still single further as virgin.

She is that the good example of beauty with brains. She has several men once her, however she is anticipating the proper one. She doesn’t believe ceremonial occasion sex. Similar to alternative stars on this list, she needs to stay virgin till she is married.

10. Tim Tebow

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage10

Virginity: Still Virgin

Recently, Tim (NFL player) and Olivia Culpo (Miss USA, TV presenter, model, and a yank actress) were within the controversies for rending up. Simply once 2 months of seeing one another, she drop him for his virginity vows. Olivia allegedly told her friends that she couldn’t affect Tim’s abstinent mode. In line with sources, Tim’s strict Christian values and pledge to God to remain pure till wedding is claimed to be the most important reason behind the breakup.


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