10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Don’t Use Social Media


Social networking websites are one amongst the most effective ways that to create your network and obtain to grasp what’s happening round the world. It’s additional of today’s newspaper. Right from debuting a music album to dropping some contemporary article of clothing brands, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is that the ideal selection for celebrities. However, let’s not forget that with nice powers come back even nice responsibility. Once a star enters the social media world and turns internet-famous, fans begin expecting them to be like open books and avid posters. Whereas the Kardashians may love sharing their every move, not all celebrities are an equivalent. Some stars keep their lives non-public and like staying far from social media.

Celebrities Who Don’t Use Social Media

Let’s check who they are,

1. Brad Pitt

Brad pitt

Brad Pitt overtly admits that besides being a Hollywood wiz, he lags behind once it involves technology. He says that instead of defrayment hours and hours on social media, he would rather do some physical activities and keep him work. Indeed, a healthy selection Brad.

2. Angelina Jolie

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Like her spouse, even Angelina prefers to stay herself far from social media. She admits that she isn’t a school savvy. In fact, she has ne’er discomposed to check in a Facebook or Twitter account. She says it’s on the far side her understanding. Jolie likes to pay her precious time together with her children, as a movie star, and as an activist. She has no time for social platforms. In step with folks magazine, each Brad and Jolie monitor their kids’ activities on the net to form positive their cyber security.

3. Sandra Bullock

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Sandra is one amongst the foremost versatile actors we’ve within the Hollywood trade. She has continuously been loved to act in movies that principally out-perform the expectations. However, once we point out social media, she is usually out. She says that it’s her personal life, and she or he likes to stay it non-public. The Oscar-winning thespian doesn’t prefer to be bombarded with too many of us and paparazzi. In fact, she even hates taking selfies.

4. Daniel Radcliffe


The Harry Potter star refuses to air Twitter and Facebook. He doesn’t prefer to keep each moment of his life updated to public. He chooses to stay his life non-public, and that’s why he stays far from social media.

5. Jennifer Lawrence


One of the foremost buzzed Hollywood stars, Jennifer Lawrence, doesn’t have an Instagram or Twitter account nevertheless. Although this may thwart all her fans round the world, the explanations are smart behind. Bear in mind the time once her phone was hacked? All her non-public footage were shared round the net. That was the intense privacy violation a Hollywood star would have ever seasoned.

Since the digital world has hated her such a lot that it’s natural for her to be far from all this social stuff. She told BBC Radio, ‘I can ne’er get Twitter. I’m not that smart on the phone or technology. I cannot maintain with emails. So, the concept of Twitter is therefore impossible to me. If you ever see a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that says it’s me, it most definitely isn’t.’

6. George Clooney


It looks like George doesn’t really need to mention one thing wrong on social media once he’s drunk. Perhaps, that’s why he’s heading off from such public platforms. Well, one cannot blame him as a result of none is awake to what he or she is talking once a couple of shots. During an interview with selection, martyr same, ‘God forbid, you are taking a sleeping capsule and get up, and therefore the sentences don’t even add up. What an alarming idea… I might simply say one thing stupid, and that I conjointly don’t suppose you would like to be that on the market.’

7. Kristen Stewart


Kristen feels that Twitter truly hates her. In fact, she has ragged concerning Twitter in several of her interviews. She says that every time she goes out and once somebody spots her, it’s unfold to the complete Twitter world, that then finally ends up with paparazzi chasing once her. During a conversation with Flaunt, Kristen same, ‘Twitter f***s me over each day of my life. As a result of folks go, “I’m sitting next to Kristen Stewart right now” then the media show up. I buy therefore mad. It’s as if you’re trample on someone’s life with none regard. And it’s rampant. Everybody will couple currently. Get a camera and you’re paparazzi; get a Twitter account and you’re an informant. It’s therefore annoying.’

8. Tina Fey


According to Tina Fey, Twitter is one amongst the boring places to be at. In fact, she thinks that social media is wherever bored folks attempt to categorical themselves which too in worst ways that. Reading everyone’s issues and tweeting unwanted concerning stars, being hateful is completely uncalled. That’s why she keeps herself isolated from social media.

9. Keira Knightley



Back within the year 2009, the Pirates of Caribbean star, Keira declared that she detested the net. She even finds it extraordinarily dehumanizing to perpetually check social sites and mails. Since then to even nowadays, it appears that her views on the net haven’t modified. However, she created a twitter account however was solely active for twelve hours and at the moment, she deactivated it. Keira represented social media as another world of wannabe-cool-people who don’t have far better to try and do.

10. Jennifer Aniston


It has been years since the popular TV series Friends terminated however Jennifer continues to be one amongst the world’s most loved ladies. However, once it involves socialization herself on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, think about her out. She is neither crazy concerning taking selfies. She says that she doesn’t perceive the digital world. She feels that there’s already tons out there. Then, why add additional to it? throughout AN interview with mirror, she declared that “They exploit us enough in those rags that I’d rather do nice work and specialize in work and let that be my contribution, instead of me in person going ‘hey, I simply had a taco or whatever’.”

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