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The Mistake In Your Thinking That Is Holding You Back from Your Dreams!

get past what is holdingyou backWhy is it sometimes you may seem to always be facing challenges or thinking about things that are holding you back? If you can get to a feeling where you don’t need anything outside of yourself to be happy, YOU have won the game.

It is tough. Even for top earners it was tough. Think about the people who experienced mountains of debt, who, despite this made it. They went through challenges too, which is no consolation for how you may feel right now. We all have things we feel are stopping us from being “happy”.

The truth is, happiness is a choice and a state of mind, which is why growth and self-development are the real keys to success.

Even so, it won’t be perfect.

There will be times when negativity will take hold. There will undoubtedly be challenges. But these are lessons that you can learn from. You are constantly being challenged to develop and grow and be the best you can be.

However, when you grasp this and see yourself with the power and also see past the idea you need to have the result to do something, you will see unexpected things happen.

Use Silence and Meditation to Stop Things Holding you Back!

Can you see where you want to be? Sit down in a quiet place and visualise yourself in that place.

How does it make you feel that you have reached your goal? If you can feel yourself in that place when you sit quietly, you may find yourself not knowing if it’s real or not. Meditation can help you with visualisation for sure.

Successfully doing this can help your mind and body feel as though that’s where you are at that moment.

What would it feel like to be the YOU? You can feel that feeling anytime, when you quiet your mind and get into the subconscious.

The most interesting thing is that when you do this often enough, what you imagine actually starts to happen.

This may seem like a dream in itself, but it’s because you’re doing it in alignment with the law. The fact is you’re flooding your nervous system, your cells, your tissues. Your neural pathways and chemical make up is tuning in to what that would be like, even though you on’t have it yet.

Doing things consistently, no matter what it is, will hep you achieve success. So, if you keep working on meditition, you can eventually see things happening. Why? Because you’re elevating your vibration to the vibration of a wealthy person who has achieved their goals.

It’s Not What You Say, It’s What you FEEL and DO!

People say they want to stop smoking, but don’t.

People say they want to lose weight, but don’t.

This is because they haven’t internalised it yet!

When they do internalise it, that’s when you see people actually stop smoking or lose weight and never go back.

The person has made the decision, internalised it and finally overcome the obstacle. This is now who they are! They have stopped the things holding them back and identified that they can achieve by believing they are already the person they want to be. The result followed because they saw it in their mind first!

There are courses, tools, and meditations all over the internet that can help you with this.

The point where you become that person that doesn’t NEED the car or million dollar bank account to feel rich, but someone who feels the gratitude and expectation of feeling rich and wealthy right NOW…in the present moment.

It Begins With Simple Things…

Being thankful that you opened your eyes today.

Being thankful for the oxygen that allows you to breathe and live.

The opportunities that are all around you! (These opportunities begin to appear more and more!)

When you show simple gratitude, things will start to show up through that filter.

How does it happen? I don’t think anyone can explain it, but so many people who are thankful for what they have are given more things to be thankful for. What appears to happen when you tune into the power of the infinite in this way, results come in a way that you least expect it.

This is why you need to leave behind the small mind and tap into the big mind. The same mind that keeps all your trillions of cells functioning naturally without you even thinking about it.

What if you were to commit to a state of who you are going to be today, no matter what happens. We can’t control things that go on around us, but we can control how we act and react to things. You already have that power inside you!

Waiting for a result means you could be waiting for a long time. Be the person who goes out to get the result by believing you already have that result in the bag. This is how you learn from mistakes and achieve the result in the end.

Most people, by waiting around, are doing it backwards, which is the fine print that most people won’t read.

The great news is that it’s not too late and you can start achieving starting today!

Whatever you are going to do, don’t leave until tomorrow, not later, but do it RIGHT NOW, today to take a new way of being from this point forward? This is the way to kill what is holding you back!