How Much Does A Savannah Cat Cost ?

Have you ever thought of getting a cat with a dog’s characteristics? If you probably did thus, take couple of minutes to think about Savannah breed of cats. These fresh developed exotic cats are surprisingly stunning, very intelligent, and dependable like dogs. I guess, you would possibly have manipulated a rough estimation in your mind concerning what proportion a savannah cat price will. The worth of those exotic cats starting from $1,000 to $22,000.It’s quite expensive, I agree. However if you recognize, what makes its thus expensive and special, you’d ne’er hesitate to interrupt your notecase. Savannah cat may be a cross between “Wild African Felis serval and varied breeds of domesticated house cats”. These are celebrated for its tall slender body, large ears, and hind legs. This new cross breed was accepted by TICA within the year 2012.

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How Much Does A Savannah Cat Cost ?

How Much Does A Savannah Cat Cost 3

Savannah cats are priced supported their look, size, generations (which are differentiated mistreatment the quantity and letter variations from F1 to F7) and few different factors. The quantity related to the “F” letter indicates what percentage generations the Savannah cat is from its former Felis serval antecedent. The nearer the generation, the larger the cat is.

How Much will A Savannah Cat price?

Each hybrid breed of Savannah cat is priced supported the scale, weight, heart-wrenching look and generation. Though the savannah cat generations run through F1 to F7, the cats that comprise F1 and F2 male savannahs are known because the biggest cats.

How Much Does A Savannah Cat Cost

Check out the subsequent table and find a rough estimation of the savannah cat costs.

Savannah Cat Cost
Generation Several Hybrid Type Male($) Female($)
F1 Savannah 12,000 12,000
F2 Savannah 9,000 to 16,000 9,000 to 18,000
F3 Savannah 4,000 to 6,000 4,000 to 8,000
F4 SBT Savannah 2,000 to 4,000 2,000 to 5,000
F5 SBT Savannah 1,500 to 9,000 1,500 to 4,000
F6 – F7 SBT Savannah 1,500 to 9,000 1,500 to 3,500

What Is SBT Savannah?

The term SBT stands for “Stud Book Traditional”. SBT Savannah cat is additionally bred from the wild Felis serval cats, however it’s a minimum of four generations removed. In a fourth generation, SBT Savannahs are sure to have their ancestors as solely savannahs a minimum of for the past three generations. In in a different way around their each folks, grandparents and nice grandparents all would be solely savannahs. SBT Savannah cats are known as “purebred.”

Why Savannah Cats are thus expensive?

How Much Does A Savannah Cat Cost 2

Since Servals are wild cats, they need special wants once it involves their diet, health, and caging necessities. Caring the pure Felis serval and sexual activity it with a domesticated domestic cat is dear. It takes some long years and much of luck. Hence, solely calculable numbers of breeders have seen success with this method worldwide. These two factors ultimately keeps the worth of savannah cat during a grade.

Factors that verify the worth Of Savannah

Factors that verify the price of Savannah cats are listed below with a short description. Check them out.


The size and look are two necessary factors that play a major role in savannah cat evaluation. Percentage of untamed blood and also the kind of folks are necessary factors that have an effect on the scale and appearances of the new hybrid breed. Of all hybrid breeds, F1 savannah (male & female) and F2 savannah male are bred to be the largest ones. These cats grow two ½ times larger than the domestic house cats. They weight within the vary eighteen to twenty-eight pounds. Generally they may reach a trifle over thirty pounds. F3 males grow considerably larger than the domestic cats with a weight starting from fifteen to eighteen pounds.

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Starting from F3 feminine savannahs, all additional generations are created to decrease their size whereas conserving their long slandering body, long legs, ears and, of course, that lovely wild look.


Although there are lots of Savannah hybrids which will get older to twenty inches, there are few savannahs that solely get older to ten inches high. However, these hybrid Savannah cats need a minimum of three years to achieve their claimed size. Anyhow, each individual Savannah is exclusive. Thus to be honest, nobody will predict however massive a kitten will grow. Thus hold back and watch your kittens grow slowly! Other Factors that verify Savannah Cat evaluation. How closely Savannah hybrid kitten meets the TICA commonplace. Whether or not the feminine cat is oversubscribed with a breeding lice sense.

Where to shop for a Savannah cat?

Many websites feature a good vary of kittens at the side of the stock farmer information. You’ll be able to use their search feature to search out a stock farmer or kitten close to you. Given below are a number of the prestigious websites. Savannah’s are heart-wrenchingly stunning, loyal, intelligent and playful; everything is ok. However what if you can’t afford the cash what you scan “How a lot of are Savannah cats”? Hold your breath. You have got two solutions. Either you will adopt a kitten from the rescue centers wherever you’ll be able to notice it at the simplest attainable costs otherwise you can accompany SBT Savannah cats. If you already own a Savannah cat and you have got some fascinating stories to inform us pertaining your Savannah pet, do allow us to apprehend within the comments section. You’ll be able to even send the image of your Savannah cat (maybe at the side of you) and find it displayed in our gallery. Do send it through the comment section. We are awaiting to listen to from you.

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