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How To Cut Your Own Hair In Layers?


Long, robust tresses merit styling and for that, you cannot afford to a parlor. Many a time women won’t be able to justify the manner they require their hair to be cut and find yourself shortening their tresses a lot of or get the wrong formed bangs. Also, parlor hair treatments will get a touch expensive notwithstanding you simply wish to trim. Instead, learn the way to chop your own hair in layers, as this will be a one-stop resolution for all of your issues. Before you narrow your hair, you ought to make sure, particularly if you’ve got ne’er done this before. Some women would possibly need a bolder look and take a look at our clearly cut layers whereas some might choose a cut that shows natural layers.

Cut Your Own Hair In Layers


Reckoning on what you wish you’ll mark the places wherever you wish the layers, either fix it in your head or print an image of your face and mark those places with a sketch pen. This manner you may not lose on your length goals. The length of the hair can even best suit reckoning on your face structure and your hair kind. Layers add volume to your hair therefore if you’ve got skinny hair and wish to use this fashionable technique then strive short layers. You’ll conjointly select your layer’s length reckoning on your face form. For those with a spherical face, longer layers can look the most effective whereas those with an oval formed face structure, will come with shorter layers.

How to Cut Your Own Hair in Layers?

To cut your hair reception, begin with laundry your hair and air-drying it. Don’t dry up all the wetness and keep your tresses a touch wet.  Use a decent try of scissors that are sharp and provides the proper form to your hair. Just in case you’ve got wavy hair, straighten them up and so begin with the cutting.

Layer 1

Step 1: Brush your hair and clear them of all the tangles. Half your hair from the middle and divide them into 2 components. You would like to separate them into smaller sections additional so it’s simple for you to chop the hair. Hold them with a clip or clutch so you are doing not get confused.

Step 2: Currently take every section, slide your fingers through the hair, and hold it towards the top of your hair strand as a measure for the length that you simply wish. This manner you’ll make sure that you simply won’t shorten your hair quite what you wish.

Step 3: Begin cutting the ends of your hair and obtain obviate the split ends 1st. whereas cutting the ends, face the cut in AN upward direction and cut the strands. A formed cut at all-time low of your hair can create your hair seem voluminous. Repeat this step by separating your hair into sections of each the layers. By the end, your hair can look thicker as a result of all the split ends and skinny ends in your hair are going to be gone. This way you may get an even length for your hair that you’ll additional experiment with.

Be terribly careful whereas cutting your hair this manner as a result of if you are doing not cut your hair properly then you may find yourself about to a parlor and additional shortening your hair.

Step 4: Currently take nearly three-inch hair from the highest section of your hair 1st, the hair from prime most scalp and brush it from top to bottom. Hold this section of hair and provides deeper cuts now. After you leave it, you may see your hair cut in layers. Repeat this for all the sections. Use the highest most section as a relevancy cut future sections.

Step 5: Currently if you discover that your hair is just too nappy then curl them up and hold then tight, you may notice the split ends commencing of the curl and so you’ll simply cut them. If some day you simply wish to urge obviate your split ends while not cutting your hair, then do that technique.

Step 6: You’re through with the layers to offer a final amendment, certify the length of your layers in equal and also the manner you wish.

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