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How To Make Dandelion Tea And Its Benefits


Have you been growing dandelion an exceedingly garden for long? Are you keen about the bitter style? Did you discover it strange to own as a result of its taste rather like a glass of wine or beer? Dandelion is an herb that has been in use for hundreds of years. Though there aren’t several items of scientific proof on the market, dandelion is taken into account to be useful just in case of loss of appetence, viscus gas, abdomen ulcers, muscle aches, joint pains etc. it’s counted among the simplest remedy for cancer and infective agent infections. But however does one consume it? Folks around either choose to eat it raw due to its bitter habit-forming style or use it in salads, soups, wines or teas.

How To Make Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is that the fastest to organize and therefore the article can guide you thru the attention-grabbing facts and recipes of dandelion tea.


Interesting facts concerning dandelion Tea

  • There are totally different varieties on the market of dandelion tea however the foremost ordinarily used dandelion tea is scientifically known as dandelion.
  • This plant evolved in Eurasia concerning thirty million years past.
  • Dandelion plant grows within the field and folks typically think about it because the weed as they’re not responsive to its beneficiary.
  • Dandelion plant supplements nutrients to the highest soil and adds varied minerals and nutrients and atomic number 7 to the soil.
  • It attracts insects for fertilization and releases alkene gas that helps the fruit to ripen up properly.
  • The combination of 4 dandelion flowers is that the emblem of white sulfur spring and voters of WV additionally celebrate spring season as dandelion pageant each year.
  • Quick DIY dandelion Recipes

Dandelion Tea

Interestingly, there are several recipes on the market to consume dandelion plant in your meal on a daily basis. Among all, one amongst the simplest ways that to consume dandelion plant is dandelion tea.


  • You can create dandelion tea by mistreatment its flowers and roots.
  • To prepare this, you just have to be compelled to leave dandelion roots and flowers within the boiling water with the low flame and leave this mixture for nearly half-hour.
  • Drain the answer from roots and flowers. The tea is prepared to be served.
  • Dandelion Tea Recipes and Ingredients

If you wish to organize dandelion tea, then you’ll have to be compelled to acquire of some sensible and contemporary leaves. Clean these leaves and dry underneath the sun. Once it dries up you’ll use those alone to create tea or beside alternative herbs. Naturally, the style of dandelion leaves is bitter, thus it’s an honest choice to combine it with alternative herbs whereas making ready tea.

Ingredients that you just would force for dandelion Tea are:

  1. a part of dandelion contemporary leaves (make certain that when plucking them up you’ve got left it in sun to create them dry)
  2. a part of organic peppermint leaves
  3. Quarter a part of organic stevia leaves
  4. a part of organic cleavers herbs

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