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How To Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy?

Are you a replacement mother and get up each morning with an oversized clump of hair on your pillow? Are you uninterested in scooping hair out of shower drains and sweeping strands off the toilet floor? So, allow us to inform you that everyone new moms expertise this displeasing state of affairs of utmost hair loss once pregnancy, though some lose over others. During pregnancy, you may have intimated a WOW feeling about your supermodel-like hair. However once your baby is born – your hair unexpectedly starts falling (just like the leaves fall within the autumn) and you’re like – sensible Lord, what the hell goes on?

Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy


But, don’t worry you’ll not go bald as a result of this is often pretty traditional and temporary state of affairs. In this article, we’ll make a case for postnatal hair loss or hair loss once pregnancy and the way to forestall it. As a result of we won’t allow you to suffer from postnatal Depression.

Why will hair fall out once pregnancy?

American Academy of medicine has confirmed that you simply lose around 50-100 hairs per day however the hyperbolic level of steroid throughout pregnancy disrupts this method. Therefore, most of your hair goes into antigen section, growing section of the hair cycle. As a result, rather than break, hair stays on the scalp. Now, this explains why you’ve thicker and a lot of luxuriant tresses throughout pregnancy.

This additionally answers your different question- will breastfeeding cause hair loss?

It’s not breastfeeding, however, steroid upheavals in your body that are the offender behind hair loss once a baby. California Department of Public Health has answered most of your queries regarding your diet throughout breastfeeding your baby. In addition, a steroid is believed to play a necessary role in serving to the craniate develop. The step-up in steroid levels throughout the trimester additionally plays a significant role in the milk duct development. So, don’t worry, though you can’t get obviate those stubborn stretch marks, pregnancy won’t leave you with bald patches or skinny hair for keeps.

You can forestall once pregnancy hair loss to some extent by following some straightforward tips that we’ll mention later within the article. Words of Caution: See a specialist, if your hair doesn’t regain its traditional fullness once one year. You may be losing hair for a few different reason, admire adenosis or iron-deficiency-anemia and a correct designation is important for effective treatment.

When will post-partum hair loss stop?

Postpartum hair loss typically starts at around 3 months once delivering a baby. The hair loss is going to be extreme if your hair grew far more than traditional throughout pregnancy, or if your hair is long. Therefore, hair break once pregnancy may be a complete secretion factor. It’ll subside itself by the primary birthday of your baby.

Beware Of Hair Tourniquet:

  • Scott & White Health arrange advises new mothers to observe out for hair tourniquets. A hair bandage forms once a strand of hair wraps around baby’s finger, toe or the different piece.
  • This single strand will wrap itself therefore tightly that it cuts off the blood circulation or may cause an infection. However, don’t panic as a result of the prospect of your baby obtaining a hair bandage is extremely low.
  • God forbid, if this happens, then knowing what to try and do may be terribly useful. Within the event of a hair wrapped around any piece of your baby, you need to take away it.

Here is what you must do:

  • Look for an unfinished business and gently detangle the hair.
  • If you don’t see an unfinished business, then gently cut the hair with little knife or scissors.
  • If you’re unable to get rid of the hair as a result of its wound too tightly on your baby’s skin, then get medical facilitate.

But Ladies, allow us to inform you that you simply CAN’T stop the loss of hair once pregnancy as a result of its natural and can run its course. You can solely minimize the hair fall by following the guidelines mentioned below:

  • Use a volumizing shampoo that has vitamin B and silicon oxide in situ of a learning shampoo.


Volumizing shampoos contain ingredients like super molecule that coat the hair and create them look fuller. On the opposite hand, learning shampoos crush your hair and create them seem full or serious. DON’T use the conditioners labeled “intensive conditioners” as they’re too serious.

With a baby within the house, something that saves time may be a real boon.Getting a replacement haircut, particularly short one, will create your hair look fuller. Short hair is straightforward to manage and additionally save time.


Longer hair designs create hair loss a lot of noticeable.

Also, hair break post pregnancy isn’t permanent. So, don’t assume that you’ll not be able to get that length once more. You’ll be able to restyle your hair once they begin sick. You can’t stop the hair from break. However, you’ll be able to experiment with completely different hairstyles or product, like hair thickeners or mousse to grant your locks a fuller look throughout postnatal.

Be terribly light along with your hair and prefer loose hair designs rather than tight hairstyles.


Tight braids or buns, tight hair clips and holders or exploitation hair rollers will strain your hair and contribute to hair loss. If you have a habit of fiddling with your hair, then attempt to management it as a result of it’ll solely worsen the matter.

  • Forever comb your mane as if it’s spun of gold with a large tooth comb and your hair can many thanks for it.


If you utilize a comb, that has tightly spaced teeth, it’ll pull on your hair and this propulsion may end up in additional hair loss.

Wet hair is a lot of fragile than dry hair, therefore strive to not brush hair once they’re wet.

  • Resist the temptation of exploitation you’re heating tools admire flat iron, hand blower, and household appliance. As a result of exploitation, they will cause harm and increase hair loss.

If you’ve to use a hand blower, set it to the best setting.

  • Keep stress unfree and keep calm to forestall hair loss once pregnancy as a result of being underneath stress will increase hair loss.

This, of course, is tough to try and do with a replacement baby. So, confirm to arouse facilitate from your partner after you would like it.

  • You’re what you eat, therefore watch your diet. Therefore, ingestion bound foods will make sure that you’ve healthy hair.

Try to embody the subsequent postnatal hair loss vitamins in your diet to combat hair fall:

Protein: Your hair is formed from a super molecule. In step with CA Department of Public Health, ingestion super molecule made diet can facilitate keep your hair sturdy.

Flavonoids and Antioxidants: Fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids and antioxidants that facilitate within the maintenance of hair follicles.

Iron: Lean meat may be a healthy supply of iron. If you’re a vegetarian, then eat soybeans, spinach, and lentils.


We hope that everyone your queries concerning hair loss once pregnancy is answered during this article. Also, no postnatal hair loss remedy goes to figure on your hair as a result of it’s a natural action and you can’t stop it. However, you’ll be able to decrease the hair loss by incorporating higher than mentioned changes in your hair care regime.

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