Scientific Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions

Believe it or not, out of all religions that emerged on earth, Hinduism is that the most purposeful one. After all, we will claim it as “The faith of sciences”. Browse through the post and acquire to understand the scientific reasons hidden within the favored traditions. Thus you may agree too. Often the traditions of this faith are being criticized as promoting the superstitions. The reality is, each observes that’s followed by the name of tradition has its own logical reason behind. However once passed from generations to generations, their meanings were neglected. As a result, most of them were left behind as superstitions.

Reasons Behind Hindu Traditions

As these all traditions are merited to urge frenzied through the endless future, here I even have compiled an inventory of top 10 preferred traditions with their scientific reasons. I bet, you may be shocked by the approach, however, these traditions and rituals were framed by the Indian ancestors. Though each tradition of Hinduism has its own scientific reason, few of them are out-of-date and not essentially got to be followed in our today’s fashion. However, most of them are still valid and can be an equivalent forever. Everything given here is the second criteria.

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  1. Why Namaste, Why Not A Hand Shake?


Indian contains a nice tradition of salutation one another by connection the fingers and palms along. You’ll have notable this fashionable gesture with the name of “Namaste”. Clearly, this tradition is employed to point out the respect. However, what’s the science behind?

Scientific Reason: Once connection all the finger tips and palms against one another, pressure points connected with our eyes, nose, ears and mind get activated. This method helps our very little brain to store the one we have a tendency to meet, in its long run memory.

  1. Why each Indian girls Wear a Toe Ring?


Mostly girls in india wear a toe ring on their second toe. Although this tradition is followed to point out their legal status, the reality is…

Scientific Reason: A selected nerve on the 2d toe connects a woman’s womb and passes through the center. Thus sporting a hoop on this toe strengthens the womb and promotes a daily oscillation. As silver has the capability to soak up polar energies, to urge the foremost of it, ordinarily toe rings are worn in silver irrespective of however made a girl is.

  1. Why Do (Only) Married girls Wear Sindoor?


In India, each lady who is married has the rule of applying Sindoor in their pituitary gland (located on forehead).

Scientific reason: Because the ingredients metal mercury, turmeric lime are employed in the preparation of sandoor, it acts because the nice vital sign dominant agent. It activates the sexual drive moreover. It’s the explanation for why sindoor is prohibited for Indian widows. For best usage, it ought to be applied on cowl the master secretor (pituitary gland) that controls many of the opposite glands regarding our feelings.

  1. Significance Of Applying Tilak


For all Hindus in spite of their gender, applying Tilak on the forehead is being thought about in a concert of the foremost necessary traditions.

Scientific Reason: The main nerve purpose of our whole anatomy is found in the middle of two eyebrows. Therefore the act of applying a tilak or kumkum thereon space prevents the loss of energy. Besides to increasing the concentration levels, it ensures the regulated blood provide to the complete face muscles.

  1. Health benefits Of “Surya Namaskar”


Hindus have a habit of praying the Sun god early in the morning within the name of Surya Namaskar. This procedure demands the lover to supply water to the sun god. What’s the logic behind? Browse on.

Scientific Reason: Seeing the rainbow impact created by the first-morning sun rays provide the nice edges to the human eyes. Additionally, exposure to the sun rays at that point helps our skin observe the abundance of Vitamins. Following this tradition has been proved to cut back the danger of respiratory organ diseases.

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