Top 20 Cutest Small Dog Breeds on the planet

These tiny, hairy dogs that cannot wait to cuddle with you are undeniably lovely. Huge things are available tiny packages, a minimum of in line with the most recent stats from the American Kennel Club. Whereas the retriever was yet again hierarchical the foremost widespread dog in 2015, not everybody has the energy or house to worry for an even bigger breed. Luckily, lots of the small guys have conjointly been hierarchical among the foremost widespread breeds — like Yorkies, Pomeranians and Beantown Terriers — and we’ve adscititious some a lot of our favorites to the list.

Cutest Small Dog Breeds


Because size does not matter, here are a number of the world’s loveliest tiny dog breeds.

  1. Yorkshire terrier


Lovingly cited because the “Yorkie,” the terrier is that the final cutie in tiny breeds. Not solely are they little, some are even “teacup”! Lovely for dress-up or play, the terrier may be a tiny breed with a giant temperament and excellent as a companion on the go. Yorkies are a “fashionable” pet since the late Victorian era.

  1. Papillion


Another breed that produces a superb companion, the toy spaniel may be a loyal and dotty friend. Nice with youngsters and families, this sawn-off pup makes a superb watchdog. Calm however alert, it’s extraordinarily protecting of its master. A papillon’s most fineness is its giant butterfly ears.

  1. Cavalier King Charles spaniel


Not solely is that the Cavalier King Charles gun dog lovely, however it likes to cuddle, too! A member of the toy cluster, this pup is mild and very caring of its family. These dogs are thought of to be terribly elegant, probably the rationale Charlotte royalty from Sex and therefore the town had one. One in all of the foremost widespread in tiny breeds, it is a dog merit all of your love.

  1. Brussels griffon


Some might imagine that the dog is not the most engaging dog on the world, however it positive is cute. A small amount awkward wanting, Bruxelles griffons are sensible, adjustable and cat-friendly. What they lack in look they create up for with their ability to perform a range of tricks. Not nice with youngsters, it will make one owner a really happy one.

  1. Boston terrier


Just like the natives of the town it absolutely was named once, the Boston terrier is one loyal breed. It loves individuals, kids, cats and different dogs alike and is extraordinarily adjustable. One in every of the foremost widespread tiny breeds, the Boston terrier is one little pup that dog lovers wish to have around.

  1. Shih Tzu


The Shih Tzu’s beauty matches its spirited and spunky temperament. A breed famous for its luxurious coat and lovely look, the Shih Tzu wants a great deal of grooming to stay it prosperous, as well as daily brushing. Another widespread breed, this dog makes a good companion for adults and older youngsters.

  1. Bichon frise


It’s cute, its white and it’s super-fluffy. The bichon frise is that the epitome of beauty. A feisty breed, this small guy likes to play with its beloved owner. Despite the very fact that it’s similar to a child’s toy, the bichon frise isn’t really classified as a toy breed however rather one in every of the non-sporting cluster. A super-cuddlebug, the bichon frise is additionally terribly warm and dotty toward adults and different furry friends.

  1. Pomeranian


Another fluff ball to like up to, the spitz may be a compact puppy of Nordic descent. Sensible and curious, this is often a soft and spirited breed. Wonderful as a show dog, the spitz is definitely trained thanks to its unbelievable intelligence. Not excellent with youngsters, this dog will astonishingly well with cats.

  1. Scottish terrier


There’s a reason we tend to see the Scottish terrier adorning sweaters and vacation gear — it’s super-adorable! Their thick eyebrows and stout build them check previous men, within the most charming method. With quite simply cute appearance, the Scottie makes a beautiful watchdog. Humorous and hypoallergenic, it’s another tiny dog breed best suited to adults and older youngsters.

  1. Cockapoo


A designer breed, the cockapoo may be a mixture of country spaniel and therefore the dog. Tiny and cute, this breed hits each mark for a good dog. A cockapoo can ne’er leave your aspect, because it likes to show affectionateness and follow its owner. Sensible with youngsters and different animals, the cockapoo is intelligent and adjustable.

  1. Pekingese


A member of each the toy and companion teams, the Pekingese may be a charming and pleasant dog to be around. An intelligent pooch, it is a watchdog that prefers adults and kitty friends. These pups are sometimes between seven and fourteen pounds, nevertheless they’re mighty and fast to defend themselves. With a great deal of fur, the Pekingese’s luxurious coat needs regular grooming.

  1. Maltese


The Maltese may be a breed that likes to shower its owner with affectionateness. Spirited and energetic, this breed conjointly enjoys wiggling with its adult owner and fur-covered friends. The Maltese loves its owner most, however, that it typically suffers from separation anxiety once left alone too long. Lined with white, flossy fur of its own, the Maltese needs daily brushing.

  1. Lhasa Apso


Small nevertheless assertive, the Lhasa may be a companion breed that was bred to shield its family. Sensible with every kind of individuals and pets, it makes a good addition to any family. Fearless and devoted, the Lhasa may be a pretty pup that enjoys a decent pampering, requiring uncountable grooming, and cuddle sessions at the tip of a busy day.

  1. Skye terrier


Made far-famed by Queen Victoria herself, this versatile breed will get ferociously protecting or simply be a friendly companion. Do not be fooled by its tiny size — the Skye terrier is a superb watchdog. Smart, friendly and outgoing, this is often a contented pup to own around. Fearless and dependable, the Skye terrier may be a breed suited to a one-pet-only unit.

  1. Sussex spaniel


A sporting and hunting dog, the lovable spaniel makes a superb looking and family pet. Reliable and a friend of dogs and children, the pup is friendly, lovable and notoriously slow. Wanting a small amount somber, the spaniel is really a really happy and amiable dog and loves the corporate of different dogs.

  1. Petit basset griffon Vendee


A hound breed, the petit basset griffon Vendee likes to move and can typically keep itself pleased by moving into a bit bother. Lovely with its hairy options, this dog needs a great deal of grooming and playday. Sensible and simply trained, the petit basset griffon Vendee makes a good family dog with its friendly and outgoing nature.

  1. Havanese


There isn’t a hairy friend or human the Havanese does not like. An enthralling very little pup, the Havanese features a soft, easy-maintenance coat. A pup that likes to cuddle, this lovable pooch enjoys the corporate of its owner 24/7, that is why it’s nicknamed “Velcro dog.”

  1. Japanese chin


Another toy breed, the darling Japanese chin conjointly falls into the class of a companion breed. Well-mannered, warm and very loyal, this dog believes its life goal is to be at the service of its owner. Beware, however, of those pooches’ jumping skills, as they’ll leap up nice distances in precisely one sure. A small amount on the sensitive aspect, the Japanese chin will best with adults and feline siblings.

  1. Chihuahua


Still typically cited because the “Taco Bell dog,” the Chihuahua is one in every of the foremost well-known tiny breeds on the world, starting from simply three to six pounds. Stuffed with a feisty temperament and watchdog skills as well, this pooch may be an assured and saucy breed. Best as a one-human reasonably pet, the Chihuahua gets on best with cats and adult humans.

  1. West Highland white hunting dog


The West Highland white hunting dog is arguably the cutest dog on the complete planet. White, flossy and a good medical care dog, there is no denying this breed’s awesomeness. A “Westie” is nice with youngsters, families, cats and just about everybody. Maybe their highest quality is however simply they’re trained thanks to their preference for cleanliness.

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