Top 88 Fun Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather queries are continually the most effective thanks to pay time throughout the weekend, or to start out a speech communication in moments of silence Every would you rather queries comes with a choice you will be 2 unhealthy selections, however you aren’t allowed to create the selection of “neither” or “both.” Some would you rather queries with bad selections would be like, “Would you preferably be made and ugly or poor however cute”? Once the question is asked, the players would have to be compelled to create an alternative. Sounds fun? Affirmative, it is! But, before jumping into the sport, you would like to be ready for a few of the toughest queries. Because the play progresses, you would possibly see some arduous queries that you’d never have even thought of.

88 Fun Would You Rather Questions


Some queries would possibly, therefore, und so weird that you simply would naturally want for a “Neither.” However, there’s nothing to fret because it a game when all! Here are some rigorously chosen Would you rather queries that may be employed in the sport. Whether or not you wish to start out a brand new game of would you rather, or continue the one you’re enjoying currently, you’re continually sensible for these queries. The list includes all would you rather queries you may probably imagine.

15 Best / Hardest Would You Rather queries

  • Would you rather Swim three hundred meters through shit or dead bodies?
  • Would you rather Have a dog with a cat’s temperament or a cat with a dog’s personality?
  • If you were born-again during a new life, would you preferably be alive within the past or future?
  • Would you rather Eat shit that tasted like chocolate, or eats chocolate that tasted like crap?
  • Would you preferably be very lean or very overweight?
  • Would you rather expertise the start of planet earth or the top of planet earth
  • Would you rather Have 3 youngsters and no cash, or no youngsters and 3 money?
  • Would you preferably be the funniest person within the space or the foremost intelligent?
  • Would you rather Have a Lamborghini in your garage or a furniture with 9000 books and infinite knowledge?
  • Would you rather Reverse one call you create daily or be ready to stop time for ten seconds each day?
  • Would you rather Win $50,000 or let your succor win$500,000?
  • Would you rather Run at one hundred mph or fly at 10 mph?
  • Would you rather Continue together with your life or restart it?
  • Would you preferably be ready to speak your reply of any situation, or punch your reply of any situation?

Some Joke Question That Rather Ask

  • Would you rather Be a cow or a chicken?
  • Would you rather Have no taste buds or be color blind?
  • Would you rather Eat everything you see or lick everything you see?
  • Would you rather Have a foot long nose or a foot long tongue?
  • Would you rather Have a baby at 10 or a baby at 60?
  • Would you rather Be in jail for ten years or be in the coma for 20 years?
  • Would you rather Have no brother or no sister?
  • Would you rather Be invisible or be fast?
  • Would you rather Look like a fish or smell like a fish?
  • Would you rather Play on Minecraft or play FIFA?
  • Would you rather Fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?
  • Would you rather Have a grapefruit-sized head or a head the size of a watermelon?
  • Would you rather Be a tree or have to live in a tree for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather Live in space or under the sea?
  • Would you rather lose your sense of touch or your sense of smell?

15 Would You Rather Questions for Girls

  • Would you rather Be able to choose your bridesmaid dress or never have to be a bridesmaid again?
  • Would you rather Have your gynecologist use a speculum that is too large or a speculum that is cold?
  • Would you rather Have girl’s night with Oprah Winfrey or Hillary Clinton?
  • Would you rather Have painful cramps again or never have to shave again?
  • Would you rather Be catcalled or be treated like a human being?
  • Would you rather Go through a whole day with a very visible panty line or with lipstick on your teeth?
  • Would you rather Be asked if you are PMSing every single day or be told to stop being so sensitive every day?
  • Would you rather Wear a push-up bra all day long or stiletto heels all day long?
  • Would you rather Have an entire eyebrow accidentally waxed off or Get a rash from a poor bikini wax job?
  • Would you rather Get your period at the beach or on a date?
  • Would you rather Live in a world without the movie “Bridesmaids” or without “Mean Girls”?
  • Would you rather Have an awful hair day or go through the whole day with your bra’s underwire poking you?
  • Would you rather Wear a pad for 12 hours or wear a thong that keeps creeping up into your bits?
  • Would you rather Have tampons for fingers or have pubic hair for teeth.

15 Dirty Would You Rather Questions for Couples

  • Would you rather Have one partner or multiple partners? (via)
  • Would you rather Talk with me about someone you fancy or fantasize about it secretly in your mind?
  • Would you rather Watch a girl on girl or guy on guy video, to turn yourself on?
  • Would you rather Watch something erotic with me, or read an erotica loud, while touching me?
  • Would you rather Have it with the lights on or off?
  • Would you rather Pay for it, or get paid for it?
  • Would you rather Have it with my best friend, or with your best friend?
  • Would you rather Swallow or spit?
  • Would you rather Be on top or underneath?
  • Would you rather Have it with someone or watch someone having it?
  • Would you rather Have it in the morning or at night?
  • Would you rather Bring another person in bed or cheat on me?
  • Would you rather Receive an oral or give it?
  • Would you rather Have romantic it or try out some new kinky ideas?
  • Would you rather End a first date with it or with a passionate kiss?

15 Would You Rather Questions for Boyfriend

  • Would you rather Kiss or girl or be kissed by a girl?
  • Would you rather Have a long term relationship or flings?
  • Would you rather Have an average girl with a great personality or a hot girl?
  • Would you rather Stay in or go out for a date?
  • Would you rather Check out a girl from the back or the front?
  • Would you rather Wear comfortable clothes or fashionable clothes?
  • Would you rather Go to a bar, a club, a house party, or just stay home?
  • Would you rather Find true love or be rich?
  • Would you rather See a girl in shorts, or in a skirt?
  • Would you rather Spend $5,000 on traveling or on a physical item like a TV?
  • Would you rather Not brush your teeth for ten days or not shower for ten days?
  • Would you rather Kiss a girl on the first date or wait?
  • Would you rather Be a tutor for underprivileged kids or volunteer at a homeless shelter or
  • Would you rather Date me or be my friend?
  • Would you rather Go to an expensive restaurant or a cheaper relaxed atmosphere where the food is equally good?

15 Would You Rather Questions for Guys

  • Would you rather Be poor and good looking or wealthy and ugly? (via)
  • Would you rather Be hairy or completely bald?
  • Would you rather Be 4’5″ or 7’7″?
  • Would you rather Be blind or deaf?
  • Would you rather Be short and well built or tall and fat?
  • Would you rather Take a guaranteed $100,000 or a 50/50 chance at $1,000,000?
  • Would you rather Eat healthily or exercise regularly?
  • Would you rather Be super strong or super fast?
  • Would you rather Be poor and find true love or be rich?
  • Would you rather Lose half your hair or lose half your hearing?
  • Would you rather Work hard at the job you love or slack off at a boring job?
  • Would you rather Look weak and be strong or look strong and be weak?
  • Would you rather Have a third wrist or a third eye?
  • Would you rather Be as wide as you are tall, or as tall as you are wide?
  • Would you rather Age from the neck up or the neck down only?

15 Would You Rather Questions for Tech Lovers

  • Would you rather Stop using YouTube or stop using Facebook? (via)
  • Would you rather Check your email first every morning or Check your social networks first every morning?
  • Would you rather Lose your keys or forget your cell phone?
  • Would you rather Only have access to YouTube on the Internet or only have access to games on the Internet?
  • Would you rather Eat the same food for the rest of your life or never use Instagram again?
  • Would you rather Watch TV all the time or not watch TV at all?
  • Would you rather Have slow but unlimited internet or Paid but Limited Internet?
  • Would you rather Give up shopping for three or give up emoji for three months?
  • Would you rather Lose all your contacts or lose $100?
  • Would you rather Eat an entire stick of butter or send an embarrassing email to your entire company?
  • Would you rather Be stung by a jellyfish or give up Facebook for a week?
  • Would you rather Never have internet access or be a professional clown?
  • Would you rather Create a super successful app or go on tour with Beyoncé?
  • Would you rather Not use email for a week or feel hungover for a week?

15 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

  • Would you rather Ride on an elephant or a giraffe?
  • Would you rather Eat a whole cake or a box of ice cream?
  • Would you rather Go sledding on a cold day or swimming on a hot day?
  • Would you rather Be able to fly or be strong as your favorite superhero?
  • Would you rather Make the table or clean up your toys?
  • Would you rather Eat a chocolate kiss or a lollipop?
  • Would you rather Go to the aquarium or the zoo?
  • Would you rather Play the trumpet or the flute?
  • Would you rather Ride in a convertible or on the back of a motorcycle?
  • Would you rather Have a pet goat or a pet chicken?
  • Would you rather Eat cooked spinach or cooked broccoli?
  • Would you rather Have a cat or a dog?
  • Would you rather Eat a donut or a cookie?
  • Would you rather Be a teacher or a doctor?
  • Would you rather Be a firefighter or a police officer?


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