What Does Running Through The 6 Mean?

People listen, once the rapper Drake speaks. Few of his talks have grabbed a hell ton of attention recently. To not mention, that’s why you’re here, reading the post on what will running through the six mean. Drake says in his album, “If You’re Reading This It’s too late” straight away, there are ton of speculations round the web that discusses what he extremely meant by the word woes. Identical issue went on at the instant once he proclaimed the name of his fourth album “Views from the 6”. For people who aren’t stumble upon the data tweeted by Drake, here it is. Formally Drake hasn’t return up together with his own version of answer to what he meant by the word woes. Therefore this question can still keep the folks on guesswork section till he decides to untie this mystery. Nice move Drake!

What Does Mean?


Based on the reedit discussion and from the reliable sources we’ve got gathered few ideas concerning what it’d mean.

What will Running Through the six Mean?

Orleans Slang

According to the urban dictionary, “Woe” is that the short sort of “Whoadie” is pronounced as “ward”. It’s the metropolis slang of denoting the neighborhood friend. Therefore Drake should have borrowed this word from the metropolis and place it within the song. The sole issue higher than paying attention to Drake rap is joyfully diving into the globe of Drake ephemera — there’s tons. The only rapper besides Drake to inhabit a world so obstinately his own is Kanye, and he’s on some dada shit currently, therefore Drake is additional relatable/cooler to the bulk of his fan base. this is often why memes, tweets, Tumblrs, and different digital detritus surround any kind of Drake event. one in every of the foremost common of those mini-narratives centers on the road “Runnin through the six with my woes” from “Know Yourself” off Drizzy’s surprise mixtape/album .

It’s therefore common, in fact, that the one line spawned its own iPhone game. Developed by Nico Uribe, the sport helps you to run through a background of tall buildings, presumptively in Toronto, and hop over gaps.

Check out the preview to transfer it within the iTunes app store:

Oh yeah, I will already tell this is often gonna be lit. It’s free, therefore I downloaded it. Here’s what it’s like once you’re taking part in the sport itself:

Of course the sport is suffering from identical handwriting that seems on the duvet art for If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Here’s what it’s like once you lose (which I quickly did):

And once the sport loads: Some strategy advice: do try and hit the “6” blocks that are bouncing toward you, however positively avoid the unfit signs — they flip you into chair Jimmy and you can’t jump the gaps. Would it actually be a Drake-related product if there wasn’t some large level of platitudinal thirst involved? Therefore, on the game’s gap page is an unashamed link to an app that helps you “.” God bless 2015.

Working on Excellence

“My woes” is that the name of Drake’s music collective recorded from Toronto. Therefore apparently WOE stands for “Working on Excellence”.


Once it’s return to music, Drake doesn’t appear to cover his expressions. Whether or not it’s a headache or desperation, he won’t to categorical everything in his music. That the likelihood is, he might need meant the image of unhappy Aubrey running through town Toronto.

Listen to the ability one hundred and 5.1FM’s hot discussion on what will running through the six mean.  Hopefully, we have a tendency to create you clear with the lyrics “I was running through the six with my woes” currently. If you’re too curious, keep tuned with this post. We’ll update whenever we have a tendency to hear one thing new, one thing authentic.

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