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Epiduo Gel comes in a very gel kind and acts as a treatment of skin problem. The complete is created by Galderma militia and may solely be obtained with a prescription. It’s presently the foremost prescribed topical skin problem treatment. The drug could be a combination of adapalene (a retinoid) and bleaching agent (an antiseptic). There are seven kinds of retinoid accessible for skin care. Adapalene could be an artificial retinoid, which suggests it’s a lot of stable and reliable than natural forms. Bleaching agent could be a common skin problem treatment that fights microorganism and shrinks the symptom.

How will Epiduo gel work?


Epiduo Gel contains zero.1% adapalene and a couple of.5% bleaching agent. Together, skin problem essentially doesn’t stand an opportunity. The bleaching agent kills the microorganism that causes skin problem. Adapalene has many acne-fighting actions. It unclogs the blocked pores, ridding them of microorganism that the bleaching agent has killed, also as different detritus and excess oil. Adapalene conjointly reduces redness and inflammation that are unremarkably related to skin problem. Epiduo gel needs a doctor’s prescription. Sometimes it’s solely prescribed once over-the-counter treatments are tried and did not effectively treat the skin problem. It’s accessible in most retail pharmacies across the country.

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