List of World’s 10 Most Popular TV Shows


Television has held with the industry recently. several books are created into tv series and justifiably therefore as a result of repeatedly the intricacies of the small print mentioned within the book aren’t absolutely brought out through a movie, and this is often wherever tv series work well. But not all TV series have created it to creating and breaking records, there are some that stand out and have created it to our prime 8 hottest TV shows list:

List of World’s 10 Most Popular TV Shows

  1. Walking Dead


This is one in all the foremost common TV shows, that has everything — drama, crime, zombies and cluster of 4 robust survivors who are stuck during a world that’s crammed with zombies and therefore the four survivors also are faced  with another group of survivors who influence be typically even additional fearful than the ‘walkers’ themselves. The series till date has telecasted a complete of seven seasons and eighty six episodes and remains happening. The primary episode was broadcasted on thirty one Sept 2010.

  1. Game of Thrones


The current prime most rated and liked show ever within the world of TV series is Game of Thrones. this is often a fiction based mostly drama series whereby many kings and rebels are operating along to win the iron throne, though there’s a gaggle of White-walkers that is march towards transportation during a bigger bother to the humankind. There are dragons, magic, warlocks, dreams and a great deal additional that may ne’er bore you even for a second. This series is additionally the foremost pirated TV series all across the world, that shows that it’s the foremost, liked one too. The primary episode airy in April 2011 and till date six seasons are completed. Folks are urgently anticipating the seventh series to return out so several unresolved queries is answered.

  1. Breaking bad


This is a criminal offense drama series, that poor records and gained fame across the world among TV fans. The show was created and created by Vince Gilligan. The story is a few chemistry teacher who lives with an incurable carcinoma. One in all his former students helps him and along their life turns into hell after they begin mercantilism medicine for the sake of their family’s higher money future. The series is one in all the foremost cherished TV series and was felicitated with sixteen Primetime accolade Awards, eight Satellite Awards and lots of additional add on to the current list.

  1. Friends


This TV series ran for 10 seasons with 236 episodes. The episodes additionally won accolade awards for his or her uproarious and heart touching episodes. The story is of a gaggle of six friends inside the age teams of 20-30 years, who discover and re-discover love. They show you the varied aspects and issues of life as faced by the younger generations and thanks to get out of it in their terribly own manner. Of course, it’s a rant journey as a result of the show is strictly comic. It’s additionally the series that gave us the gorgeous American role player Jennifer Aniston. All the characters given within the series were cherished and are remembered even these days, once twelve years once the last episode was airy on 6 could 2004. The primary episode was broadcasted on 22 Dec 1994. There was additionally a series referred to as ‘Joey’, that later came up as a follow up to ‘Friends’.

  1. The Newsroom


This was a brief TV series however a robust one in this. It lasted for 3 seasons and every season had 10 episodes. The primary episode airy in Nov 2012 and therefore the last one in Nov 2014. Within 2 years, the show had created a long-lasting impact on the manner the globe appearance at print media and therefore the power it had. Also, it additionally mirrored the lives of these operating during this field that however frustrating and sometimes gratifying it may well be. Jeff Daniels and Emily nobleman contend the lead role.

  1. The good wife


Just like the title, this is often a story of a decent woman who is addressing her life’s issues that embody 2 youngsters and a husband who is stuck behind bars for being concerned during a sex and corruption scandal. This is often a 1 of its kind legal-political drama series. The woman could be a professional person herself, additionally a mother, and a wife. The lead character contend by Julianna Margulies balances between of these responsibilities and roles.

  1. How I Met your Mother


This too is another funny nevertheless ennobling TV series that talks of affection, relationship problems and relationship issues. The 5 main characters, Barney Stinson, Lily Aldrin, and Robin Scherbatsky, plug-ugly Mosby and Marshall Eriksen have one thing distinctive nevertheless one thing in common that keeps them sure despite all the chances that happen in their life. The story begins with a father narrating the story of however he met their mother however ends with the daddy finding his true lover.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy


The show is regarding doctors who are interning and got to face some serious things and take a life-changing call not just for them however additionally for his or her patients. There are thirteen seasons, which implies that this is often an extended method with 172 episodes. The show has won several awards for glorious performances and extraordinary output.

  1. NCIS


This is a show, that is all regarding the investigation and therefore the attention-grabbing drama lifetime of detective Leroy Gibbs who isn’t alone at the duty, and leads a team of investigators to unravel varied cases that otherwise appear not possible and troublesome to unravel. It had a complete of fourteen seasons with the last one airing on seventeen could 2016.

  1. The big Bang Theory


This was a 10 season series with 213 episodes. It’s the story of 4 physicists and an exquisite neighbor. This one could be a funny TV series attributable to the manner the four might relate everything in life to physics. Every character is splendidly written and contains an individualism that separates one from the opposite. Though they’re socially inept, they shortly realize an area in our hearts as you watch the series. So these are a number of the foremost common TV shows that also are diverting and superb. With nice actors and an exquisite script, these shows won hearts of the folks from all round the globe.

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